Cell Phones in the Classroom

At my high school cell phone use was forbidden, this was the case for many schools. Even being in college professors ask their students not to use them doing class. It has even gotten to the point that using your cell phone in class could have a negative affect on your grade. Although, lately the conversation has turned to should cell phones actually be incorporated in the learning process?  I recently read an article about cell phones in the classroom. It spoke about a teacher who uses the cell phone as a teaching tool in the classroom. For her class, cell phone use has had a positive affect on classroom learning. But is there a downside to cell phones in the classroom? Yes, it seems that cell phones are everywhere but can it become a learning tool in every classroom? What about students who may not have a cell phone or the latest on the market?  Does this increase the chance of becoming an outcast? What about that student who’s cell phone is cut off this week and can not participate in activities using the cell phone? Are we taking away from the social interaction in the classroom if students are constantly on phones? How will teachers monitor what students are doing on the phone during class time? Will cell phones now be provided by the school for every child? What do you think? Is cell phones in the class a good idea?

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3 thoughts on “Cell Phones in the Classroom

  1. Hey Kel-e!
    This was a good post. I don’t think students should use their cellphones in the classroom especially on the high school level. Students can easily get off task. So if they are supposed to be on their phones for educational purposes and they aren’t following along,they should be penalized. In college, on the other hand, I don’t think students should be penalized for being on their phones. In my opinion, we are paying for tuition so if we want to be on our phones that’s our choice. We should be treated like adults (because we are) and not told to put our phones away…

    I don’t think it is possible to use cellphones in classrooms for learning purposes because of the instant access to social media that teenagers are actively engaged in nowadays. It would be very hard to keep the class on task and monitor what every student is doing on their phone. I don’t think incorporating cellphones in the classroom would be very beneficial.

  2. As much as I use my cell phone in class, I think they should be forbidden. Cells phones are so much of a distraction! In certain classes, I feel like they should be acceptable because you never do anything in class. For example, my Earth Science class, we never do anything so I feel like it is acceptable to text or to be in Instagram. However in other classes, such as my special education class, we go over a lot of information, at a fast pace. In those classes it is not acceptable to text or be in Instagram. By putting my cell phone away in that class, I have gotten better grades.

  3. heyyyyyy girlaaa! soooo this is such a good but contradicting topic. i also think that cellphone uses should be banned from students in school. students need all the time they can get to learn and participate in class. they need that one on one time with the teacher and the other students to learn from one another. even though i was one of those bad students that had there cellphones in class and i do fell like it kept me from leaning all i could learn. so great job :)

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